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We at GS-Companies are good in finding people, products and manufacturers that are good at what they do. With our wide network, with connections all over the world. We find for you the best in the class, so you don’t need to search for them. Supplying you with a wide range of options to become fossil plastic-free, lower your CO2 footprint and create a better Earth. This is what we are doing 365 days of the year.

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Food composter

Food is part of a group that has many years of experience in the plant-based packaging industry. We are developing a food composter that can digest; food waste – bioplastics (PLA-PHA), and compostable packaging. With our special “magic sauce” (Bio cultures) and plant-based bio-chips the food digester we are developing is unique in the market. Take a look at all the different food composters we can offer.

Green packaging

We believe in plant-based compostable packaging and like to support you in making the switch away from fossil plastic. Is your company looking for an alternative for the oil based plastics for your products our packaging?
Let us support you in the search for the right solution. What we want to do is show you the options that plant-based materials have and if/how this can work for your product and packaging.