Biodegradable bottles are the best

Biodegradable bottles have different end-of-life solutions;

Recyclable, industrial compostable, burnable, digestable anaerobic and composting machine digestable. So much more end-of-life options than fossil plastic. Let’s make the switch to plant-based bottles together.

compostable milk bottles - pla milk bottles
PLA preforms blue

Biodegradable bottles for water

At the moment we have a PCO1810 preform, 28mm neck, 23,5 grams in light blue for a 500ml PLA bottle of water. We are working on other preforms sizes for 330ml,  1 ltr, 1,5 ltr, and other neck sizes like a 38mm. These different products will be ready later this year.

Our biodegradable bottles

biodegradable bottles are ideal for water, milk and juice. A natural product in a bottle made with natural. 100% plant-based, 100% non-GMO, 100% petroleum free.

biodegradable bottle - light blue water

Light blue water bottle

PLA bottles - transparent water

transperant water bottle

biodegradable bottle - white milk

white milk bottle

PLA bottles - transparent juice

transperant juice bottle

bioplastic news - plant-based plastic compost
compostable bottle manufacturer

end-of-life solutions

Choosing the right end of life solution for your plant-based bottles is really important. This will be different per country or per individual company using PLA bottles. We can support you with making the right choices so you, your brand and the environment benefits the most.

We make bottles differently.

Let’s step away from fossil plastic bottles and start using 100% plant-based bottles for water, milk and juice. Biodegradable bottles for a greener planet.

compostable bottle manufacturer

What's new....

Research rapport: " Suitability Assessment of PLA Bottles for High-Pressure Processing of Apple Juice" The aim of the study is to test the use of polylactic acid (PLA) bottles as an alternative to (PET) ones for high-pressure processing (HPP) of apple juice. The treatment of PLA bottles at 600 MPa for 3 min did not cause alterations in the packaging shape and content, confirming the suitability of PLA bottles to withstand HPP conditions as well as PET bottles.

PLA bottles are HPP proof
biodegradable bottles for juice

We are getting requests for different size juice bottles several times a week. Our R&D team is working hard to put the plant-based juice bottle on the market. If you are interested in the possibilities of transferring your production to plant-based bottles, please contact us and we will be happy to talk with you about what we can do in the coming future.

Our newest member - The juice bottle
compostable juice bottle

It took us 5 years to develop this plant-based cap, but we finally succeeded. Now we can confidently say that we have a 100% plant-made product. Now our bottle, cap and label is finally 100% plant-based. A product that can be processed in recycling, compost installations, incinerators and our own patented compost machine without creating a harmful residual flow.

The best Plant-based caps there are
plant-based caps

Our partners


We at GS-Companies are good in finding people, products and manufacturers that are good at what they do. With our wide network, with connections all over the world. We find for you the best in the class, so you don’t need to search for them. Supplying you with a wide range of options to become fossil plastic-free, lower your CO2 footprint and create a better Earth. This is what we are doing 365 days of the year.

New design coming soon

Food composter

Food and Bio materials is part of a group that has many years of experience in the plant-based packaging industry. We are developing a food composter that can digest; food waste – bioplastics (PLA-PHA), and compostable packaging. With our special “magic sauce” (Bio cultures) and plant-based bio-chips the food digester we are developing is unique in the market. Take a look at all the different food composters we can offer.

Green packaging

We believe in plant-based compostable packaging and like to support you in making the switch away from fossil plastic. Is your company looking for an alternative for the oil based plastics for your products our packaging?
Let us support you in the search for the right solution. What we want to do is show you the options that plant-based materials have and if/how this can work for your product and packaging.